From 2012 to 2015, SEA LOWDER published five books, showcased a collection of folk abstract acrylic work at the Jones House Cultural & Community Center in Boone, North Carolina, and toured poetry, (live) painting, and other creative explorations across North Carolina, into Tennessee, and as far north as Maryland.

This page serves as an archive for those creative pursuits.


A Visitation With Xyr Complications (2015)

Complications evolved from my dissatisfaction with Composition No. 5, and in part is composed of cut-ups from my third book. This poetry continues to explore psychedelic and trans femme themes which have surfaced in my earlier work, and is presented as a modern poetic grimoire of Neo-Dadaist Wizardry.

Uncooperative Baptist (2014)

Uncooperative Baptist is a poetic survey of my life’s journey through Southern Baptist culture from childhood to young adulthood. The work in this book documents the queer-phobic climate of Baptist churches and denominations, while also seeking to reclaim whatever spiritual goodness can be salvaged through a theylogical lens.

Composition No. 5 (2013)

One part sardonic commentary on oppression and performance of call-out culture, one part confessional poetry, mixed with a dash of queer/independent artist manifesto, Composition No. 5 is a monstrously absurdist collection of poetics and narration that continues to elude traditional boundaries of genre, plot, and form.

Traveler (2013)

Traveler is a collection of mostly 55-word microfiction stories spanning the astral omniverse of space and seapunk fantasy.

A Mad Man’s Menagerie (2012)

A Mad Man’s Menagerie is a collection of American fantasy short stories set in the U.S. South. Menagerie loosely situates around the life of zookeeper Mr. Sparell as he encounters shape-shifting creatures, mermaids, unicorns, and the Golden Bird Woman in a world of ghosts and boys who dabble with dark magic.